Feb 16, 2015

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Beware: Hackers may harm your business


Hackers. What is the first thought to cross your mind when you hear this word? Basement geniuses spying on big companies, super smart guys scamming governments and organizations? These guys are not actually like that, they are real people that use tricks to get into security systems, and they mostly have nothing to do with fancy computer programs that look like the Matrix screen saver. And if you own a small business, do you think that those guys are not your problem? Well, you actually couldn’t be more wrong.
New research on this shows that more than 85% of small business owners does nothing to protect the confidentiality of their data. And this is alarming!

How does it happen?

computer_2867907bSo what is hacking, you ask? It is, actually, pretty hard to answer that question. Word hacking may be used for the intentional system breach, by a person trying to steal, copy or just disrupt your data. It can also be said if that person doesn’t steal anything, but just “listens” to your data transfers and collect your activities log. And if somebody crashes your servers or clogs your network? Yes, also hacking. But, here it gets weird. If somebody wants to steal your data, why do all that? Why not just get into your office and steal your computer? Or your phone? Or pay a janitor to put a bug in your office? Those are all security threats you need to look out for.
Also, danger can come from third party applications, as sometimes they themselves can have security problems. You must have heard of data leaks, database crashes or that famous: they’ve got your social security numbers now. Those are all real life problems and stuff like that happen every day.
How to secure yourself?

dreamstime_l_29055601Just like attacks can come from many sources, you need to set your defenses on many levels. Software security is a must. Protect your communication with data encryption software so only ones to see your data are your employees. Depending of your business type and size, investing in secure servers and network are also a good thing, as it is estimated that 95% of small businesses don’t have sufficient data security. Keeping data and activity log is also a good habit to have; this way, work will be more transparent and it will be easier for you to track down security breaches.
Investing in hardware security is also an option, as we said – most of attacks will come from that side. Literally locking your doors can do wanders and people often forget that. So, supply your office with good locks, identity checks and surveillance system: this serves both as a mean to stop and deter possible information thieves.

People usually don’t think about this until it is too late. So make yourself a hard target, spend some money and then sleep tight as you know that you did all you could do to make your enterprise the safest it can be.

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